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Aqua Palace is a stage from Dead or Alive 3. A variation of this stage called Aquarium appears in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate.


Aqua Palace is set in an undersea aquarium, located near the Australia coast. The tanks of the stage - two side of the ring and the floor - are full of tropical fish, that react accordingly by fleeing when a fighter is smashed against the glass. The room also has glass walls and ceiling, where the player can see outside into the sea. Larger sea creatures can be seen swimming by outside, including dolphins, sharks, turtles and a whale.

Despite there being a set of red-carpeted steps leading out of the aquarium, it is impossible to move out of the main room. This is one of the few stages with no falls or interactive objects, (unless you count the fish).


Dead or Alive 3


  • Interestingly, when the Aqua Palace is left displayed on the stage selection screen, it is possible to see a woman snorkeling in the waters, wearing a diving mask, snorkel, gloves, flippers and a red bikini.

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