Beach is a stage in Dead or Alive 3, located according to the in-game map, in the Pacific Ocean.


During sunset, Bass Armstrong was having a conversation with Gen Fu about how he's against the idea of his daughter, Tina, becoming an actress.

During sunset, Leon was sitting near the shore remembering the final words of his deceased lover, Rolande.


Fights take place on a small section of a white-sand beach, with a raised boardwalk running always around. On the boardwalk, which cannot be entered, there are timber-built buildings; most likely resort hotels and bars.

Along the beach, there are a few palm trees, standing and fallen, that act as hazards for the fighters to slam foes into; when hit, coconuts can fall out of the standing trees and hit the fighters on their heads. The fighters can go into the calm sea, but only to a certain point.

The stage can be played during the day or at twilight; as well as the lighting change, a huge flock of seagulls can be seen flying over the sea only at twilight.


Dead or Alive 3

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