Command Template
Yellow Up-Back Arrow Yellow Up Arrow Yellow Up-Front Arrow {{7y}} {{8y}} {{9y}}
Yellow Back Arrow Yellow Front Arrow {{4y}} {{6y}}
Yellow Down-Back Arrow Yellow Down Arrow Yellow Down-Front Arrow {{1y}} {{2y}} {{3y}}
Up-Back Arrow Up Arrow Up-Front Arrow {{7}} {{8}} {{9}}
Back Arrow Front Arrow {{4}} {{6}}
Down-Back Arrow Down Arrow Down-Front Arrow {{1}} {{2}} {{3}}
Hold Down Up-Back Arrow Hold Down Up Button Hold Down Up-Front Arrow {{7h}} {{8h}} {{9h}}
Hold Down Back Button Hold Down Front Arrow {{4h}} {{6h}}
Hold Down Down-Back Arrow Hold Down Arrow Hold Down Down-Front Arrow {{1h}} {{2h}} {{3h}}
Command Template
Arrow 1 Arrow 2 {{214}} {{236}}
Arrow 3 Arrow 4 {{63214}} {{41236}}
360 Arrow 1 360 Arrow 2 {{21478963}} {{23698741}}
180 Arrow 2 180 Arrow 1 {{21478}} {{23698}}


Command Template
Hold Button {{Hold}}
Hold Down Hold Button {{HoldH}}
Double Hold Down Hold {{HoldDH}}
HoldStar {{HoldStar}}
Pink Hold Button {{HoldPink}}
Punch Button {{Punch}}
Hold Down Punch Button {{PunchH}}
Double Hold Down Punch {{PunchDH}}
Green Punch Button {{PunchGreen}}
Kick Button {{Kick}}
Hold Down Kick Button {{KickH}}
Double Hold Down Kick {{KickDH}}
Blue Kick Button {{KickBlue}}
F Button {{Free}}
Hold Down F Button {{FreeH}}
Double Hold Down Free {{FreeDH}}
Green F Button {{FreeGreen}}
Throw Button {{Throw}}
Hold Down Throw Button {{ThrowH}}
Double Hold Down Throw {{ThrowDH}}
Taunt Button {{Taunt}}

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