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Western DOA5 Collectors
A preview of the Western version of Dead or Alive 5 Collectors Edition, with a PlayStation 3 copy of the game.

Alongside the standard edition of Dead or Alive 5, Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja released a special version of the game called the Dead or Alive 5 Collectors Edition.

In addition to a copy for the game, people who pre-ordered the Collectors Edition also got additional bonus items. The Collectors Edition was available at selected retails across Japan, America and Europe, at a average price of $79.99. The content of the Collectors Edition differs depending if it is released by western or eastern retailers.


Western VersionEdit

In western territories - including the US and Europe - the Collectors Edition comes with:

  • A copy of Dead or Alive 5 (either for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360)
  • A premium embossed steel case for packaging
  • A exclusive 92-page hardcover art book, with character renders, costume concept art and screenshots of stages.
  • A 20-track CD of the official game soundtrack.
  • A full-color wall poster, featuring most of the playable cast.
  • A code for the "Premium Swimsuit" Costume DLC for the full cast of playable female characters in the game.

Japanese VersionEdit

The Japanese version of the Collectors Edition, with a PlayStation 3 copy of the game.

The Japanese Collectors Edition is slightly different from the edition available to the rest of the world, featuring two new items. It will include:

  • A copy of Dead or Alive 5 (either for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360)
  • A Premium embossed steel case for packaging
  • A exclusive hardcover art book
  • A CD of the official game soundtrack
  • 10 character postcards
  • 10 metal "character plates"
  • A code for "Premium Swimsuit Costumes" DLC for the full cast of playable female characters in the game.


Collectors Edition ContentEdit

Premium Swimsuit DLC PreviewsEdit

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