The following is a list of achievements/trophies in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.


Image Title/Description Points Trophy
DOA5 Ultimate Master DOA5 Ultimate Master
Unlock all achievements
100 Platinum
DOA5U Fighting Entertainment Fighting Entertainment
Have your first fight outside of Training or Versus modes.
10 Bronze
DOA5 Rivals Rivals
Register a fighter in your Fighter List.
20 Bronze
DOA5U Rival Rumble Rival Rumble
Fight online.
20 Bronze
DOA5U Rival Rampage Rival Rampage
Fight online 10 times.
30 Silver
DOA5 Ultimate Is My Life DOA5 Ultimate Is My Life
Fight online 100 times.
50 Gold
DOA5 My Fight, My Rules My Fight, My Rules
Create your own online lobby.
20 Bronze
DOA5 Get out there and Fight! Get out there and Fight!
Play a Lobby match.
20 Bronze
DOA5U Fighting For Real Fighting For Real
Play a Ranked match.
20 Bronze
DOA5 Gesundheit! Gesundheit!
Trigger the Special Danger Zone in The Show.
30 Silver
DOA5 Tango Kilo November Tango Kilo November
Trigger the Special Danger Zone in Hot Zone.
30 Silver
DOA5U Catch and Release Catch and Release
Trigger the Special Danger Zone in Sky City Tokyo.
30 Silver
DOA5U You Asked for It! You Asked for It!
Set "Throwdowns" to "Accept" and have a Throwdown in Versus, Arcade, or Free Training mode.
20 Bronze
DOA5U Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere
Set "Throwdowns" to "Accept" and have 10 Throwdowns in Versus, Arcade, or Free Training mode.
30 Silver
DOA5 Arcade Cleared Arcade (Solo) Cleared
Clear 1 course in Arcade (solo) mode.
20 Bronze
DOA5U Arcade (Tag) Cleared Arcade (Tag) Cleared
Clear 1 course in Arcade (tag) mode.
20 Bronze
DOA5 Time Attack Cleared Time Attack (Solo) Cleared
Clear 1 course in Time Attack (solo) mode.
20 Bronze
DOA5U Time Attack (Tag) Cleared Time Attack (Tag) Cleared
Clear 1 course in Time Attack (tag) mode.
20 Bronze
DOA5 Survival Cleared Survival (Solo) Cleared
Clear 1 course in Survival (solo) mode.
20 Bronze
DOA5U Survival (Tag) Cleared Survival (Tag) Cleared
Clear 1 course in Survival (tag) mode.
20 Bronze
DOA5U Fledgling Fighter Fledgling Fighter
Fight a Versus (solo) match.
10 Bronze
DOA5U You're It You're It
Fight a Versus (tag) match.
10 Bronze
DOA5 Training Hard Training Hard
Play Free Training mode for 1 hour.
30 Silver
DOA5 Exercise Newbie Exercise Newbie
Complete all moves for a character in Command Training.
30 Silver
DOA5U Your Education Begins Now Your Education Begins Now
Play in Tutorial.
10 Bronze
DOA5U A Fighter is Born A Fighter is Born
Complete all lessons in Tutorial.
30 Silver
DOA5U A New Challenger Appears! A New Challenger Appears!
Play in Combo Challenge.
10 Bronze
DOA5U Unchallenged Champion Unchallenged Champion
Complete all lessons for a character in Combo Challenge.
50 Gold
DOA5 On the Edge of Your Seat On the Edge of Your Seat
Play Spectator mode.
10 Bronze
DOA5 Fighter, Know Thyself Fighter, Know Thyself
View your results in Fight Record.
10 Bronze
DOA5 Ahhh, Memories Ahhh, Memories
View your photos in the Album.
10 Bronze
DOA5 Say Cheese! Say Cheese!
Take a photo in Spectator mode.
10 Bronze
DOA5 How Do I Fight How Do I Fight?
Display the Move List.
10 Bronze
DOA5 How Do I Fight Like a Pro How Do I Fight Like a Pro?
Display the Move Details.
10 Bronze
DOA5 A Fight to Remember A Fight to Remember
Save a replay.
10 Bronze
DOA5U Turn it Up Turn it Up
Change the background music settings.
10 Bronze
DOA5U Who's Got Popcorn Who's Got Popcorn?
Watch a movie.
10 Bronze
DOA5 Safety First Safety First
Turn Danger Zones off on the Stage Select screen.
10 Bronze
DOA5U Power in Numbers Power in Numbers
Have a Team Fight.
10 Bronze
DOA5 First Tag Team First Tag Team
Fight a tag match.
10 Bronze
DOA5U The Power of Two The Power of Two
Perform 10 kinds of character-specific tag throws.
30 Silver
DOA5 Blow 'Em Away Blow 'Em Away
Successfully land a Power Blow.
20 Bronze
DOA5U We Have Liftoff! We Have Liftoff!
Successfully deliver a Power Launcher.
20 Bronze
DOA5U Change of Power Change of Power
Press H+P+K during a Power Blow to tag in a partner and deliver a Tag Power Blow.
30 Silver
DOA5 Down You Go Down You Go
Successfully attack during a Cliffhanger.
20 Bronze
DOA5 Cliffhanger Comeback Cliffhanger Comeback
Successfully block an opponent's attack during a Cliffhanger.
20 Bronze
DOA5 I Read Every Move I Read Every Move
Win without taking any damage.
30 Silver
DOA5U Failure Teaches Success Failure Teaches Success
See 10 characters' losing poses.
30 Silver


  • Of 48 achievements/trophies, 22 use the same graphic as the original game.
  • If a save file is carried over from the original game, you can get the I Love DOA title without unlocking DOA5 Ultimate Is My Life, as the title counter and the achievement counter are separate.

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