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This page is a list of quotes spoken by the playable characters of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3


  • "This is stupid."
  • "Hmph. This outcome was only obvious."
  • "Can't you give me more of a challenge?"
  • "Woohoo, that's the way to do it!"
  • "Hey! You out of your mind?! Stop looking! You perv!" (if the player prematurely opens their eyes while she is changing)
  • "This is simply another mission. In fact, missions like this aren't so bad."
  • "I can't refuse if it's from you. Thank you." (if the player gives Ayane a present with a high bond level.).
  • "You look as laid-back as usual, I see."
  • "What are you looking at?!"
  • "Heh. This isn't too bad, I guess."
  • "Oh, hello. How are you?"
  • "What're your plans for today?"
  • "Wow. I'm impressed."
  • "Hey! What's the matter with you?!"
  • "Just what are you up to?!"
  • "I hope you're ready to face the consequences!"
  • "The sun is so strong here."
  • "How does it look?"

Helena DouglasEdit

  • "Are you having fun?"
  • "Hey, you there. Would you like to pair up with me?"
  • "I expected more from you."
  • "Oh! This is so wonderful!"
  • "I thought you were better than this. How disappointing."
  • "Please, get your mind out of the gutter."
  • "I hope it looks good on me."
  • "The wind feels great on my skin."


  • "Alright. Here I go!"
  • "So? How do I look?"
  • "Oh well. I'll put it on next time."
  • "Hey! You're not supposed to look! Give me a break!"
  • "Let's see if I can ride this thing."
  • "It feels so good... I could just melt away."
  • "Wow, this is the best!"
  • "I think I'm getting pretty good at this."
  • "I feel like I could take on the world!"
  • "I've got this place all to myself!"
  • "Wow, this is the best!"
  • "Oh! Thank you!"
  • "Eek! Stop looking at me before I make you stop!"
  • "Hey, stop it!"
  • "You took a picture? How about a picture of my fist instead?!"
  • "Oh! I was just thinking about you!"
  • "Hey! I've been waiting for you!"
  • "Excuse me! What do you think you're looking at? I can't believe you!"


  • "Hehe... No one's looking, right?" (when about to break into a dance on the beach)
  • "Hehe. Awesome!"
  • "Woah. I did it."
  • "How is it?" (After changing)
  • "It's embarrassing if you just stare at me like that."
  • "Hi again! It must be fate at work. Hehe."
  • "This was simply the best vacation ever. I'll treasure my memories here always."
  • "Thanks again for everything."
  • "You can't take those kinds of pictures."
  • "Did you catch me from my good side?"
  • "Yay! I have a good feeling about that one."
  • "Wh-What are you looking at?"
  • "Eek! Hey, cut that out!"
  • "What're you looking at?"
  • "It's fun to enjoy myself like this."


  • "Ah! No peeking! How dare you..." (If the player prematurely opens their eyes while Kasumi is changing)
  • "I'll wear this some other time."
  • "This feels so nice." (When showering)
  • "Such a beautiful view..."
  • "I'm really glad I came here."
  • "I better make a wish!"
  • "I wonder how Hayate's doing..."
  • "Wow! WOW!"
  • "Wow! This is great!"
  • "Maybe I keep running into you because of that fortune I received."
  • "Thank goodness!" (Sometimes when winning a game of Butt Battle)
  • "Thanks! Let's play again!" (Sometimes when winning a game of Butt Battle)
  • "This is a little embarrassing..."
  • "Hey, stop it!"


  • "I wish I could stay like this forever and ever..."
  • "I love how the air is so fresh here."
  • "Wow! I'm so happy! Thank you so much!"
  • "You never cease to amaze me... Thank you!"
  • "I feel completely embarrassed..."
  • "Stop it! You pervert!"
  • "Does it suit me?"
  • "So this is what it feels like in the tropics."

Marie RoseEdit

  • "Why did this happen?"
  • "Yay! I'm doing really good!"
  • "Stupid idiot!"
  • "Amazing! This feels so nice!"
  • "I'm on a vacation! Better make the most of it!"
  • "This swimsuit is pretty cute."
  • "I don't want to waste a single moment!"
  • "Ha! Did you see that?"
  • "You can't stand to be away from me, can you?"
  • "I'm pretty charming, aren't I?"
  • "Ha! Did you see that?"
  • "Hey! You're such a perv!"
  • "This swimsuit is pretty cute."


  • "That's too bad. I better try harder!"
  • "I should make the most of my time here..."
  • "The sky and ocean are absolutely stunning..."
  • "Um... how does it look?"
  • "The air is so fresh here."
  • "What?! You just took a picture just now? You have to promise not to show anybody!"
  • "Um... Do you want to play with me?"
  • "I was just thinking about you."
  • "Wow. I am quite impressed..."
  • "Um... No peeking... Okay?"
  • "Eek! You pervert!"


  • "Am I too beautiful to look at?"
  • "Huh?! What is that? A "camera," you say?"
  • "I find you to be worthy of my praise."
  • "Vacations are so much fun."
  • "Why are you looking?! You have a filthy mind!"
  • "No peeking! Stop it!"
  • "I guess you'll have to wait till next time."

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