Template:STDouble Lovin' is a background soundtrack in Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. The song was sung by Baha Men. Its original version was Osmonds (1971).


I'm gonna double your lovin', double your fun
You get two for the price of one

It took me a long time to find a good woman
One that would be true
That's why I'm gonna double
What it takes baby to hold on to you

I'm gonna make my lovin' twice
As good as it was before
I'm gonna love you so good
You'll be begging and crying for more

Double, double lovin', is what I'm gonna give to you
And you're gonna receive double pleasure every time I do

Double, double lovin' makes
You feel so good inside
And when I double up on my lovin'
You're gonna be satisfied

I'm gonna double up on my huggin'
And my kissin' too
And I got a double stroke of lovin'
I've been dying to use on you

Don't be afraid to give me your love
'Cause I won't hurt you
You make the first step baby
And the rest I can easily do

I'm gonna double your lovin', double your fun
You get two for the price of one
I'm gonna double your lovin', double your fun
You get two for the price of one

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