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The selection menu of the Girl Guide.

The Girls Guide is a in-game guide in Dead or Alive Paradise, which tells the player a small bit of information about the ten playable female characters: who likes them, their favourite food, and their favourite drink. This guide is only available from the main menu.


Each girl gets one page about herself. On the left hand side of the screen, there are photographs of the girls that like her, and there for can be befriended and gifted easier then the others. The photos are pinned up with buttons that match the girl's favourite color; wrapping a gift in the receiver's favourite color increases the chances of them liking the gift. The girl's favourite food and drink is also shown, giving the player a hint as to what to give away to what girl to insure a loved gift.

However, just because one girl likes another, doesn't mean they will be liked back; for example, Kasumi likes Ayane, but Ayane doesn't feel the same way about Kasumi. There are also a couple of girls who are completely unliked; most likely due to her personality. No one likes Christie, and since no one knows her, Rio is also unliked by anyone, but as she is a friendly person, she may make friends easily anyway.


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