10th Ann Kasumi Figurine

Front view of the figurine.

For the 10th anniversary of Dead or Alive, Kotobukiya released a Kasumi PVC figurine in April, 2007.

Three versions of the figurine were created: the "Virgo" version, which was released on a standard run, the limited edition "Southern Cross" and "Aries" version. The names come from bikinis which appear in Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, which was also released around the time of the 10th Anniversary.


DOAX2 Kasumi 10th Southen Cross

The Southern Cross version.

The 1/6 scale figurine is 150mm (5.85 in) in height, and is fully painted. It has Kasumi, with loose hair wearing and wearing a bikini, in a sitting/kneeling position, sitting on the ground with her legs bent. Her arms are resting before her between her legs, and her head is turned upwards to the right. The circular base is designed to look like a white sand beach, with blue water on the right side. A pair of heeled pink sandles with white flower accessorices are placed behind Kasumi, and in front of her, "D.O.A 10th Kasumi" is drawn into the sand.

On the Virgo version of the figurine, the bikini Kasumi is wearing is orange with yellow flower print and white strings. The Southern Cross version has a black bikini with pink strings, with a small logo on the left breast. There is also a Aries Version of this Figurine, the bikini Kasumi is wearing is white and green.


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