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Interrelationship of Characters

Interrelationship of Characters in Dead or Alive 1 Ultimate.

The following is the list of characters who appear in Dead or Alive 1 Ultimate.

Playable charactersEdit

Unlockable charactersEdit

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Playable Kasumi - Zack - Ryu Hayabusa - Bayman - Lei Fang - Gen Fu - Tina Armstrong - Jann Lee
Unlockable Raidou
Miscellaneous Toreko
Gameplay modes Arcade - DOA Online - Time Attack - Survival - Kumite - Training - Options
Gameplay terms Attacks - Boss Battles - Character Select - Combo - Danger Zone - Game Over - Holds - Knocked Out - Match - Name Entry - Replay - Ring Out - Special Moves - Stages - Stances - Throws - Triangle System
Plot subjects Dead or Alive World Combat Championship - DOATEC - Exiled shinobi - Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan - Runaway shinobi - Shinobi
Martial arts Jeet Kune DoNinjutsu - Pro-wrestling - Russian martial arts - T'ai chi quan - Thai-style boxing - Xinyi liuhe quan
Other terms Bust/Waist/Hip Measurements - Character Relationships - Credits - Openings - System Voice - Tournament Winners
Bayman's stage - Gen Fu's stage - Hayabusa's stage - Jann Lee's stage - Lei Fang's stage - Kasumi's stage - Raidou's stage - Tina's stage - Tina's western stage - Training stage - Zack's stage
Dead or Alive Ultimate Original Sound Trax (Disc A)
Character/Stage themes "Blade of "RYU"" - "Codename "BAYMAN"" - "DEAD OR ALIVE" - "Densetsu no Hiken" - "The Fist of TAIKYOKU Blows up" - "Ketsui no Toki" - "Kokou no Kenshi" - "NO MONEY" - "Power is Beauty"
Other tracks "In Between Life and Death" - "The New Century" - "Physical System" - "SAYONARA" - "Showdown" - "Stage Clear" - "Wired" - "Your Name is..."
Command lists - CostumesFighting quotes - Promotional Artwork and Wallpapers

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