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Pai Chan
DOA5 Pai Render
Pai Chan in "Dead or Alive 5"
Full Name Pai Chan
Known As ---
Martial Art Yin Qing Quan
Nationality HongKongFlag Chinese (Hong Kong)
Birthday May 17, 1975
Age 18 (VF1)
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Height 5' 5" (166 cm)
Weight 108 lbs. (49 kg)
Measurements B85 W54 H88 cm
Occupation Movie star
Family Lau Chan (Father)
Hobbies Dancing
Favorite Food Unknown
Debut Virtua Fighter (1993)
Dead or Alive 5 (2012)
Japanese Voice Minami Takayama
English Voice ---
Live Action ---
"Your kung fu is not strong enough."

Pai Chan (陳佩(パイ・チェン) Pai Chen) is a character from Sega's Virtua Fighter series who makes a guest appearance in Dead or Alive 5.

She is the third Virtua Fighter character to make a guest appearance in Dead or Alive 5, along with Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant (followed by Jacky Bryant in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate).



Pai Chan is a beautiful young woman, her facial features are of a young female martial artist. She wears in her hair, ox horns, a traditional hairstyle that young women use in China. Her outfit is a elegant Chinese blue dress, that she always uses when she is in training or in a fight.


Pai is a cheerful woman, though her moods can change quickly as a cat's - passionate in one minute then turn icy cold in the next. She is always looking to impress others with her graceful fighting style. She is also devoted to train harder to prove to her father, Lau Chan, that she is worthy to take the place of her father as the master of the all powerful art of Koen-Ken.


The surname Pai comes from the word Konkani Prakit word paee meaning Lord, Chan (simplified Chinese ; traditional Chinese:pinyin: Chén; Wade–Giles: Ch'en) is one of the most common East Asian family names. It ranks as the 5th most common surname in China.


Dead or Alive SeriesEdit

Virtua FighterEdit

Pai Chan as she appears in Virtua Fighter 5.
Q*terplxAdded by Q*terplx

Pai Chan made her debut in Sega's Virtua Fighter and reappeared in the subsequent sequels. Pai Chan is considered as one of the most popular characters in the series. In the games, Pai is a Hong Kong martial arts movie star and was admired by everyone (more notably, Eileen, a character that debuted in Virtua Fighter 5). She was trained at a young age by her father, Lau Chan, and her mother worked to support the family. However, Pai's mother died from overwork and ever since then, Pai blamed her father for it. She participated in the World Fighting Tournaments to prove her skills to her father.

Fighters MegamixEdit

Pai appears with the entire Virtua Fighter 2 cast in the Sega Saturn game, Fighters Megamix.

Project X ZoneEdit

Pai appears alongside Akira in the crossover game, Project X Zone, a Nintendo 3DS RPG featuring characters from Capcom, Namco Bandai, and SEGA.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting ClimaxEdit

Pai appears as an assist character for a boss character in the 2D crossover fighting game, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. Akira also appears as a boss. They are currently not playable after the arcade release and would be possible to made them playable in updates.


Leifang Edit

942741 10201583525016046 895055993 n
Pai Chan & Leifang's natural rapport in their Kung Fu styles.
Masoulchild85Added by Masoulchild85

Pai Chan shares a natural rapport with Leifang based on their Kung Fu and nationality. Pai Chan and Leifang also share the same determination and rivalry with their male counter parts to prove a sense of accomplishment (Pai for her father, Lau, and Leifang for Jann Lee). Both Chinese females, share the same determination, have become strong Kung Fu practitioners in their own right, and indeed have accomplished a great deal (Leifang saved a child from a gang; Pai Chan is an admired Kung Fu prodigy by Eileen of Virtua Fighter).

In Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, they become an official tag team with animated tag moves, even gaining one new pre-animation sequence of a Kung Fu interlude and another winning sequence where Pai Chan does a Kung Fu pose and Leifang stands directly behind her in her trademark "innocent" stance with hands behind her back.

Akira YukiEdit

She and Akira knew each other since the first Virtua Fighter tournament and sometimes always fought together. Both being paired up in a recent crossover.


Promotional Images
Virtua Fighter


  • Pai Chan was revealed alongside Gen Fu, with screenshots of her shown fighting against him. This was probably a reference to Pai's rivalry against her father, Lau Chan, in the Virtua Fighter series.
  • Unlike Akira and Sarah, Pai doesn't appear in Dead or Alive 5's story mode (another one is Jacky). She also doesn't have a special tag throw with any of the Dead or Alive characters until in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. However, she does have a special tag intro and win pose with Leifang since the original game.
    • In Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, a Tag Throw with Leifang was added alongside a new winning pose.
  • To unlock Pai in Dead or Alive 5, you must obtain 100 titles.
  • In Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax where both Akira and Pai are the guest bosses, Pai's new voice only be heard as an alternate damaged during hit, while others remained the same as the previous game she appeared (excluding in Project X Zone is new) due to her set as assist character, and as for Akira received a full new voice since Project X Zone due to him set as playable fighter.

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