A Special Move is a term for a command that is meant to be used for defensive purposes. Special Moves come in different types: Fake-Outs, Special Stances, Evasive Maneuvers, Back-Turns, and Taunts.

Fake-Outs Edit

These kinds of Special Moves are designed to feign an attack against an opponent, to draw them into defending, thus setting them up for a hi-counter throw. Alternatively, they can be used to simply prevent an attack being successfully held by an opponent.

Special Stances Edit

As the name implies, these kinds of Special Moves involve a character getting into a special stance, giving them access to unique moves. Most characters have strike inputs that can be canceled into special stances (for example, after the low kick of Ryu's Ren-Kijin-Daihoda( Punch ButtonPunch ButtonDown ArrowKick ButtonHold Down Punch Button), one can cancel out the last strike ( Punch ButtonPunch ButtonDown ArrowKick ButtonHold Down Back Button) to enter into his Ongyoin stance. Characters can also immediately enter their stance without prior attacks (for example, Ryu can immediately enter his Ongyoin stance by 2 simple inputs (Down ArrowPunch ButtonPlus SignKick Button, or Arrow 1Punch ButtonPlus SignKick Button (applies in the Dead or Alive 5 games)).

Evasive Maneuvers Edit

These moves are designed to allow one to create space between characters. Some characters have various maneuvers that make combat effective (for example, Sarah Bryant's Moonsault allows her to get behind her opponent to attack from behind, or to evade low strikes), or have moves that allow them to open space between other characters (for example, Kasumi's Jingei (Up-Back ArrowPunch ButtonHold Down Up-Back Arrow) has her flip away from her opponent). Some of these also involve the use of walls (for example, if Lisa/La Mariposa performs her Back Flip (Up-Back ArrowPunch Button) while a wall is behind her, she can input an additional command ( *Ultra Huracan Rana=Up-Back ArrowPunch ButtonThrow Button / *Tope Con Giro= Up-Back ArrowPunch ButtonPunch Button/ *Missile Kick= Up-Back ArrowPunch ButtonKick Button).

  • * Must have wall behind to use.

Back-Turns Edit

These moves cause the character to have their back turned to the opponent. When in the state of back-turned, a character gains unique commands that can be used to string interesting combos. Save for Leifang and Bayman, back-turned characters are unable to use holds against strikes.

Taunts Edit

The purpose of these special moves is to ridicule one's opponent, or to show off. Few characters have taunts that do damage (examples include Zack, Jann Lee (technically a mid-kick hold), Bass, and Honoka). Some taunts can also double as evasive maneuvres. Save for the Virtua Fighter characters (Akira, Jacky, Pai, and Sarah), all characters have taunts. For certain costumes, taunting will switch to an alternate form of that costume.

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