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Survival Mode is a gameplay mode found in all Dead or Alive games.


The player chooses a character and fights an endless stream of opponents until they are defeated. To stay alive a little longer, the player can collect items to replenish health. Some of these items can be viewed in Collection.

All survival fights take place in the Danger Zone. Knocking an opponent into a reactor will enable a short bonus time called Danger Reach, while doing it again will enable Double Reach.

List of collectible itemsEdit

Main article: Item Collection Datasheet (DOA2)
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Main article: Item Collection Datasheet (DOA3)


After the player has chosen a character, they are sent in the danger zone arena first with a random opponent taunting, and then their chosen character taunts. The fight begins, with each character knocked out jumps in another. All characters not chosen will first fight the player, then when all characters are knocked out, the player's chosen character will fight the player. When the character is knocked out, the sequence reshuffles and the fight continues with the other characters out to battle.

It is presumed that the costumes determine how many times an opponent has appeared. For example if a character is wearing its fourth costume, it could be that it is the fourth time the player is fighting that character.

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