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A throw is a type of grabbing move. Throws must be performed within close range of the opponent and cannot be blocked, but some of them can be evaded. Throws keep opponents off balance and can cause good damage to opponents that are blocking or holding. Every character has their own unique set of throws.

Types of ThrowsEdit

Generic ThrowEdit

Every character has the ability to perform a throw move by pressing the throw button. Most throws involve a direction or a combination of directions. Usually, the more difficult the input for the throw, the more damage it does. Depending on the type of throw, throws can result in good damage, but generally will cause damage slower than skilful combos.

Back Throw Edit

Back Throws are performed by grabbing the opponent from behind. Back throws are inescapable and inflict slightly more damage than other generic throws.

Combo Throw Edit

Combo Throws are exclusive to certain characters such as Bass, Bayman, Leon, and Tina. They are basically several command throws performed in succession. The main advantage is that when all the commands are inputted successfully, massive damage will be inflicted onto the opponent. However, every individual throw in the combo, will have a small window for the opponent to escape, with the exception of certain unbreakable throws. Also, the commands for some throw combos, such as Hayate's "Raijin" can be quite difficult to input correctly.

Crouching ThrowEdit

Crouching Throws are throws performed on a crouching opponent. These throws usually do more damage than generic standing throws.

Back Crouching Throw Edit

Back Crouching Throws are throws performed by grabbing the opponent from behind while they are crouching. These types of throws do slightly more damage than the standard crouching throw.

Attack ThrowEdit

Attack Throws are special because they result after successfully landing a strike. They can be guarded because of this. However, if the hit is successful, the throw cannot be escaped. Often, the strike must hit from the front to allow for the throw. A great example of this is Tina’s Diamond Cutter and Bass’s Big Bear Slam.

Airborne Throw Edit

Airborne Throws are performed on an airborne opponent and thus there is no way of throw escaping. Only certain characters have this type of throw

Down Throw Edit

Down Throws are used on an opponent that is lying on the ground. These throws can be performed when the opponent is lying on their back or front. Only certain characters have this type of throws.

Running ThrowEdit

Running Throws are throws performed when a character is on the run. Every character has a running throw, which can cause good amounts of damage.

Wall ThrowEdit

Wall Throws are throws that are available when the opponent or the player is near a wall. Damage increases with the assistance of the wall. If the wall is also a danger zone, damage can be massively increased.


Dead or Alive 5- Last Round - All Character Throws01:13:56

Dead or Alive 5- Last Round - All Character Throws

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