Normal Description Fight
Kasumi_by_AgnessAngel_from_screenshot.png Light pink Sunday dress with cherry blossom designs on the skirt, a brown hat with a tied light blue ribbon, and sandals. The hat can be knocked off during combat. Kasumi_3_by_AgnessAngel_from_screenshot.png
Kasumi_5_by_AgnessAngel_from_screenshot.png Black leather ninja outfit with long black fingerless gloves, black arm-guards and shin-guards, throwing knives tucked in pockets on her waist, blue choker necklace, and her wakizashi sword with decorative red tassels tied to her back. With her hair tied in a ponytail is a blue ribbon instead of the traditional yellow one. Kasumi_4_by_AgnessAngel_from_screenshot.png
______________________ Black dress with yellow logo on back, a side-less skirt with gold flower print and gold lining underneath, and gold trim. Includes matching arm-guards, shin-guards, gold wristbands, black pull-on sleeves, black stockings, red choker necklace and belt, and her wakizashi sword with decorative red tassels tied to back of the belt (Dead or Alive 4). Kasumi_1_by_AgnessAngel_from_screenshot.png
Kasumi_by_AgnessAngel_from_screenshot.png Black ninja suit, blue armguards/kneeguards and sash Kasumi_2_by_AgnessAngel_from_screenshot.png
______________________ Blue argyle sweater and beige skirt. Kasumi_6_by_AgnessAngel_from_screenshot.png

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