• BlazeSeed366

    After Monty's death, he never finishes the whole Dead Fantasy series and he's more focused on RWBY series instead. I don't think someone who make this epic fight after him?

    Here are the facts in Dead Fantasy series which he never finishes after showing the preview of Dead Fantasy VIII.

    Dead Fantasy VI:

    Rikku and Ayane are fighting in the underground sewers which it was briefly viewed in youtube. But it seems that Rikku would demonstrate in changing dressphere against Ayane. Her Tokkosho weapon is probably will be sliced in half by one of Rikku's fan-made dresspheres which is why Ayane changes weapon to Fuma Kodachi. I believe Rikku is going to win the one on one fight.

    Dead Fantasy VII:

    Both Rinoa and Rachel continues their equal fight. Unfortu…

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