Did I like, say anything to offend people with my previous blog? I'm just curious because ever since then, all of my wiki edits, no matter if for Dead or Alive, Final Fantasy, etc., have all been getting deleted. What gives? Look, I'm sorry if I upset anyone by getting upset over something, but seriously...if it affected anyone enough to produce spite towards me, that's a shame. 

Besides, I often post in the "Trivia" section, which makes it even more interesting because that area is for interesting notes and facts pertaining to the corresponding game. As I've said, I make sure of the proof to what I post BEFORE I post it. Why people feel such a need to remove any edits I make is beyond me, but it's getting ridiculous!

I didn't join Wikipedia to cause problems. I joined because I love video games and wanted to provide interesting and enticing notes about any games I enjoy in hopes of drawing people to them. If that's a problem for anyone, then talk to me about it! Don't go getting all angry because I offended you (with no intention of doing so), and you feel you need to "get even" or whatever. It just seems like too much of a coincidence that this started happening shortly after my previous blog post. And, to be honest, now it's getting quite pathetic, and frustrating. I'll keep editing pages, don't get me wrong. If anyone is upset with me over something so trivial, then that's your problem. But, you're NOT going to shut me up!

I've already got too many regrets...

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