16 & 17 Year old Characters in DOA6

Dead or Alive 5 takes place two years after the events of the destruction of DOATEC. These characters that were sixteen and seventeen during that time:

  • Kasumi (17, oldest)
  • Kokoro (17)
  • Ayane (16)
  • Elliot (youngest,16)

They are now 18 or 19 years old by the events of Dead or Alive 5. Who will the new young characters be? What fighting styles would they have?...

Young character seems to have a certain "speed" ability to them. I imagine having a character like Eileen of Virtua Fighter. Maybe a young character with praying Mantis? Shaolin Kungfu? These would be quick styles for the new youth of DOA.

I could easily see the young character beholding the preying mantis style compatible in tag battle with Christie while the young shaolin fighter compatible to nearly all of the chinese martial art practitioners of DOA; especially Helena. They may also decide to bring more characters to DOA from Virtua Fighter; Aoi (Aikido) and Eileen (Monkey Style Kungfu), Lion (Praying Mantis)

There were more children in Helena's burning family photo. Do not be surprised if there are more children with kungfu branched styles that will be complementary to Helena and Kokoro's styles of fighting. Some can easily turn up in DOA6 as Helena and Kokoro's long lost half siblings from Fame Douglass.

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