Dead or Alive 6 New Tag Alliances

We are happy to see from DOA5:

  • Leifang & Hitomi
  • Helena & Kokoro
  • Kokoro & Akira
  • Tina & Sarah
  • Tina & Mila
  • Bass & Mila
  • Bass & Rig
  • JannLee & Rig
  • All Virtua Fighter with some together

Leifang has Hitomi as a full partner (2 tags), JannLee has Rig as a new full partner (2 tags), and Tina has two new full partners, Mila and Sarah (2 tags each), and the sisters, Helena and Kokoro are given their sisterly alliance and tags.

For DOA6, it would be nice to see:

  • Jann Lee & Hayate
  • Kasumi & Hayate
  • Kasumi & Kokoro
  • Zack & Mila
  • Hayate & Hitomi (add another)
  • Ayane & Hitomi
  • Leifang & Kokoro (only one)
  • Leifang & Pai Chan
  • Leifang & Elliot (add another)
  • Helena & Pai Chan
  • Helena & Akira (only 1 tag)
  • Hitomi & Rig
  • Hitomi & Mila
  • Christie & Rig
  • Elliot & Pai Chan
  • La Moriposa & Mila
  • Rig & Sarah

Kasumi & Hayate, become a full alliance. It has been since DOA3 they have missed out on giving them their alliance as brother and sister. Fighting styles are not only 100% compatible.. they are bred from the same ninja clan. What's going on Tecmo???!

Ayane & Hitomi, become atleast secondary partners. Ayane was very compatible to Hayate's Karate counterpart, Ein. It would be awesome to Ayane get atleast one of Ein's old tags with Ayane (That one where Ein pulls opponent to Ayane and they both round-kick there head). This would be a good duo tag. Good investment on Ayane's end especially because she lacks female tag partners; besides Kasumi and Kokoro.

Christie & Rig, these dark characters should be full partners. Rig already calls for her when tagging. It is possible.

Leifang & Pai Chan, two young chinese women... a making for some beautiful kungfu tag action. They already have the alliances poses in place. Watching them in sparring mode is epic and their chemistry as fighters is boiling hot!

Helena & Pai Chan, both have swift kungfu hands... a making for some beautiful kungfu tag action. Watching them in sparring mode is epic.

Helena & Akira, who show the complementary between fighting styles; Baji Quan & Piqua quan. Only one tag necessary.

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